Friday, 1 May 2009

Brown And Out

Gordon Brown's proposals are in tatters, he's become a figure of fun. His YouTube performance has become a comic classic -- someone has even set it to techno music

"Completely and utterly ridiculous" That was how a sleep-deprived Gordon Brown reacted in Warsaw this morning to suggestions that his handling of the controversy over MPs' expenses had not been a total triumph.

Gordon Brown must quickly regain the political initiative after a week of serious setbacks, former Home Secretary David Blunkett has warned. Blunkett said Labour's leadership should have seen the Commons rebellion over Gurkha rights coming and must show more "old-fashioned nous". It must also show it can engage with the public on "grass-roots issues".

One cabinet minister privately considers the events of the past few days "Labour's worst week". Two unnamed senior cabinet ministers warned that Mr Brown has lost control of Labour MPs and the party is heading for as big a defeat as that suffered by John Major's Conservatives in 1997.

Shameful desperate last days.

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