Saturday, 2 May 2009

Green Issues Communications; Anything But Green

The PR company Green Issues behind some horrible planning schemes have so many big party politicians working for them they should be called 'Grey Party leftovers'. Their schemes include; Thurrock Lakeside & a huge hotel 'Centennial Park' on green belt land in Elstree. They promote eco towns & urban regeneration *, telling large developers how to pretend to be green. It seems they use their political contacts to get close to local cllrs and persuade them to approve. And I thought the opposition parties were against the way Labour have used PR?

Their team includes -
Kelly Edwards, Operations Director; Labour Party PPC in Hertsmere in May 2005 and wannabe Reading West currently,
Gabriel Abulafia, Director; ex assistant to David Blunkett and Stephen Byers.
James Garland, Director is an active member of the Labour Party.
Andrew Lester, Senior Account Manager; campaign manager for the Labour Party
Peter Elms, Account Executive
Rayman Bains, Account Executive
Katie Hill, Account Manager; has worked for The Labour Party for four years

Will Scawn, Senior Account Manager active member of the Conservative Party in London
Richard Royal, Senior Account Manager is a member of the Conservative Party Richard Halderthay, Senior Account Manager Richard election agent to over 100 Conservative Party election candidates
Andrew Johnson, Account Manager; is active in the Conservative Party
Antony Calvert, Account Manager; PPC Morley and Outwood constituency in West Yorkshire
Emma Webster, Account Manager; Conservative councillor in West Berkshire

Lib Dems;
Jon Whitehouse, Account Manager; has 10 years experience of working for the Liberal Democrats.

* Urban regeneration often involves the destruction of businesses, the demolition of priceless historic structures, the relocation of people, and compulsory purchase. Its popular with large developers but not with communities.


Adrian Windisch said...

Oranjepan wrote about this post here

Anonymous said...

One time MP hopeful but now stuck as a councillor Jon Hartley used to work for them - till either he got too tired of working or they tired of him.

Anonymous said...

I believe that one of their number, Andrew Lester, was prosecuted for election fraud at one time or another.

Anonymous said...


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