Thursday, 30 April 2009

Déjà Vu Salter

The Government loose a historic battle against the Gurkhas, the last such loss of an opposition motion was 1978! But what happened to the leader of the Labour rebels? Well not unlike last time, Salter was full of quotes for the media about how important this was. But when it came time to vote he abstained!

It leaves many in Reading with a feeling of deja vu, as we've seen this before. In the Iraq war vote he was often in the media as a rebel. But where was he during the vote? Absent.

Locally he has become something of a legend for his hypocrisy, attacking constituents,
being against hunting but supporting shooting,
both supporting and against name changes, getting climate change wrong and calling Polish people thieves.

If people from other countries are eligible to live here after four years, why should Gurkhas need 10 years service? The Greens believe in Justice for all, and support Gurkhas. They laid their lives on the line for this country, most people want them to have citizenship.

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Adrian Windisch said... Ex Reading Labour MP Gane Griffiths comments on my letter.