Friday, 27 March 2009

Tough Times Ahead

In addition to high street shops closing, banks crashing, car companies in desperation; it isn't a surprise to find job agencies are also in trouble.

The latest report into the UK recruitment agency market from industry analysts Plimsoll rates 155 of the UK’s leading 1,000 recruitment firms as being in financial danger. The report shows:
* 82 increased their debts last year
* 122 saw profits fall last year
* 101 are losing money

For 10 agencies its already too late, they went out of business in January. The number of recruitment agencies going into administration in January has doubled year-on-year.

The Green Party proposes a Green New Deal, where instead of hundreds of bilions going to banks and car makers, we would see investment in green jobs; home insulation, renewable energy that would result in the creation of thousands of new green collar jobs.

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