Saturday, 28 March 2009

Jobs Justice and Climate March London 28th March

I was in London today for the Jobs Justice and Climate March, a chance to make the G20 meeting later this week take notice that there is another way. I went to Temple Tube Station at 10.30 am, saw loads of police, Unite, Unison, SWP, peoples charter, Rommunists, Respect, Avaaz,the Green Party and many more.

I joined a group of Greens on the March, and was followed by a brass band! Many groups took the oppertunity to leaflet passers by, others leafleted fellow marchers.

At the end of the march was a rainy Hyde park. There were speeches (which as usual most marchers were too late to see) and queues for food. Quite bizarre that after being responsible for much of the trouble we are in, the organisers chose Labours Tony Robinson as a speaker. Perhaps he had a cunning plan.

Lots of tiered happy people left the park, looking forward to more activism.

Wow, the police estimate 35,000 at the g20rally!

The Gathering Storm

Green Party Stall at Temple Tube Station

Greens at Parliament

Adrian Windisch Marching

At the end of the rally, a rainy Hyde park. Labours Tony Robinson bizarrely was there with the important speakers, the crowd hoped he had a cunning plan.

Guardian Blog
Marching Band Video

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