Thursday, 26 March 2009

Kings Meadow Developments

Reading Councils 'Culture and Sport' Scrutiny Panel met yesterday to discuss the plan to destroy the Grade 2 listed Kings Meadow Pool. Ironically yesterday the Labour MP Martin Salter and wannabe MP Anneliese Dodds were claiming to be protecting the 'beautiful riverside' when they and the Tories have been busy selling it off to developers. Strangely its at a time when other developments have stalled, no one else has any money to spare, shops are closing down, office blocks are empty.

The plan is a 10+ storey hotel for King's Meadow to run with Askett Hawke, a hotel developer. Their proposal is to build yet another horrid shopping and office complex. This was supported by the Labour and Conservative Parties, who have their own idea of protecting historic Readings riverside.

For years the Kings Meadow Campaign has been attempting to find a viable way to keep the historic structure and public space.

I have been warning for years that if left unprotected the existing listed structure will decay. Reading Council have been negligent in its duty of care looking after it, perhaps hoping that it will become so damaged by rain and time that it will fall down on its own. A small amount of money spent by Reading Borough Council could have protected one of their few listed buildings and the towns heritage will be the poorer for its loss.

If you feel in the slightest angered by this I suggest you write to the local papers and say so.

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