Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Update on the collapsing Kings Meadow Baths in Reading

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In the summer on this Blog, I showed some pictures of the Edwardian Swimming Baths next to the River Thames, the Kings Meadow Baths. I was back there yesterday with Rob White to announce our candidacy for Reading West and East for the next general election.

What a sad site it was, there were many tiles missing, the wood below it was swelling and rotting. Without immediate repair much of the roof structure will need to be replaced, and may be lost forever.

A small amount of money spent by Reading Borough Council could have protected one of their few listed buildings. Now were looking at what may be a criminal negligence on their part. Come on RBC, stop thinking of how much money you can sell it for and look after our disappearing heritage before its gone forever.

Well done Colin Lee for asking some questions about this to the Councils Scrutiny Panel. Their lack of an answer can be seen at

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