Sunday, 30 December 2007

Tesco in Trouble

The food in the Napier Rd Tesco was so bad they were accused of appalling and shoddy practices in a recent council inspection. Food didn’t have date labels, was stored at the wrong temperature and actions requested in a previous inspection weren’t done. Liquid was leaking out of a plastic bag on the floor, and staff were not seen to wash hands.

They were given a 0 out of 5 rating in the council inspection report. Strange that they wern’t closed down, as local Cllr boasts about on his website Last year Labour were the ones promoting Tesco, ensuring they won permission to build their giant extra store on the Battle Hospital site. How things change, now they are posing as being against the new express store, and against this failure of basic hygiene.

Its much like Labour nationally closing post offices, while local cllrs pretend to be campaigning against this. Unfortunately for them the public arent stupid, this will be remembered at the next election.

Tesco claim that it is now all better, and blame a contractor. That’s a convenient excuse.

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