Sunday, 30 December 2007

Bin Troubles

One year after the alternate weekly collection started in Reading, the council is taking action after roads are being blocked by bins. 300 letters have been sent out telling residents not to block the streets with their wheelie bins, now they are being replaced with black bags. I wonder if these will reduce the streets being blocked, or just feed up more rats.

This is a symptom of providing a one size fits all policy for all Reading homes, despite some of them not having room for two wheelie bins in their front gardens. I hate to say I told them so, but I wrote a letter saying just this when their current system started, pointing out why it won't work.

Roads with problems include Alpine St, Amity, St, Brook ST West, Brunswick St, Cambridge St, Cholmeley St, Dover St, Garnet Hill, Garnet St, Highgrove Terrace, Little Johns Lane, Little St, Lower Field Rd, Mason St, Norwood Rd, Peppard Rd, Prospect St, Regent St, Sackville St, South St (Caversham), St Johns Hill, St Johns Rd, Stanley St, Upper Crown St and Waldeck St.

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