Saturday, 29 December 2007

Brown honours failure

This years new year honours seem as ridiculous as usual, with Kylie getting all the headlines. Tony Blair spinmaster was ‘honoured’, he once desribed Dr David Kelly as a ‘Walter Mitty character’, Tom Kelly later appologised for this but is now awarded! Debby Reynolds, the government's former chief vet who failed to tackle this year's foot and mouth and bird flu outbreaks, got an Order of the Bath, ironically an order of chivalry.

Is the theme for this year Labour lackeys who have failed the country? Perhaps there is hope for the person that lost 25 million peoples personal data, or the one who spent £20 billion on a NHS IT system that doesn’t work. What about awarding Tessa Jowell for failing to keep the 2012 Olympics to its original £2.4 billion, its currently £9.3 billion and rising. They could award Jo Moore for her famous quote, that 9/11 was a ‘good day to bury bad news’, or good old Tony B for his services to international peacemaking.

The media has an unusual story about a scientist who wasn’t given a knighthood, he defends animal testing, and was 5 times nominated but always turned down. Maybe they know more about Colin Blakemore than they are revealing, he is apparently a Labour supporter for example. He had enraged animal lovers by sewing up the eyelids of new-born kittens and studying the way they developed, then killed them. I've not seen a story like this before, who knows how many other people are nominated but never awarded.

A few worthy people are included but its mostly flunkies and celebrities, so much for Brown distancing himself from Blair, it looks like more of the same.

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