Saturday, 29 December 2007

Lessons from the Tudors

Watching the Tudors on TV recently bought home to me how ultimate power in the hands of a single person will cause corruption, even if they were to start out well meaning. In the past when people have talked about our monarchy I've thought of our queen as far from this whiff of corruption, but its the system that encourages this, not the individual. I'm coming round to thinking we need to reduce any inherited power from the royal family, let them be more like ordinary people. I certainly wouldn’t want to kill off any royals, there’s a more civilized way, give them a bicycle and wish them well, but remove their privileges and houses. Let them eat cake?

The question remains who would be the head of state, imagine anyone appointed by Tony Blair? He would have selected another corrupt crony, like Lord Falconer. We need someone not involved in government, with experience of working with all sorts of people. Someone with decades of experience of responsibility, with integrity and honour. Perhaps the head of an International Charity like; Oxfam, WWF ICRC or GreenPeace.

The Church of England would be better off finding their own figurehead, I’m sure they would be happy not to have the current heir, he brings all sorts of complications with him. And think what we could do with those buildings, the palaces, the huge estates like the Duchy of Cornwall or Lancaster.

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