Saturday, 29 December 2007

Bhutto, tragedy in Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto died, and within hours Bush and Brown were talking about a cowardly Islamic terrorists. What happened to waiting for the due process of law? It would seem as likely to me that it could be a Musharraf supporter, along the lines of ‘Who will rid me of this troublesome priest’ as in Thomas Becket. And while many terrorists may be cowardly, to shoot at someone then blow themselves up seems rather brave to me, but not as brave as Mrs Bhutto who continued to stand up in a car despite the threats.

The headlines were about death of democracy, but I don't think so; someone else will one day come to represent their party, but there will be an impact on this election. It would seem sensible to delay it for a few weeks to allow them to select a new candidate, despite the promises made that the date is final.

The next day there’s controversy about how she died, on the news the video shows a man with a gun, shots are heard. The government is saying when the bomb blast went off the shock wave threw Mrs Bhutto against the car and that's what killed her. There was no inquest, she was buried the next day. Her supporters insist she was shot but haven't called for an independent inquest. Her family have suffered terribly, and often there is controversy over the cause of death, her brothers and father died violently. The current situation seems designed to cause a Diana like mystery that will go on for years.

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