Saturday, 22 December 2007

New Lib Dem Leader and Camerons call for an Alliance

Cameron's call for a 'progressive alliance' between Tories, Lib Dems and the Green Party reads strangely for a Green. Local Tories and Lib Dems routinely promote road and airport schemes, much like Labour, indeed there seems little difference between the three grey parties. Other schemes include incinerators, nuclear power, nuclear weapon proliferation and opposition to wind energy. In Reading the Grey parties want a third bridge over the Thames, with no thought to where the traffic will go on once it arrives in Caversham. Oxfordshire are against it for this very good reason.

The Grey Parties have no Green credentials at all, Cameron would have to utterly transform his Party, before his 'alliance' call had any credibility whatsoever. I can't see that ever happening. The three grey Parties now have so much in common, that it matters very little which of them governs, they might as well all ally together. The only real opposition is provided by the greens, we are the only ones asking whether further economic growth will actually improve quality of life or diminish it; only we stand for localisation as opposed to globalisation.

Congratulations to Nick Clegg on winning. Its actually good news for us, he is marginally more right-wing and marginally less green. Had Huhne won he would have done more to portray his party as green, like Cameron and Blair before him. We shall see how much Clegg goes down the greenwash road.

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