Friday, 21 December 2007

One Way IRD Commission

The One way IDR commission is gathering evidence - act now to be heard.
Following massive opposition to the Labour one way IDR plan, the commission was set up to look into traffic problems in Reading and specifically into the mess of the one way IDR scheme, it is now collecting evidence. The evidence period has now been extended till the end of January 2008. I will be responding, calling for the commission to:

* Promote sustainable transport
* question whether over-development of Reading is compatible with a low congestion and low carbon future
* give priority to walking, cycling & public transport
* plan for high levels of safety and acceptable levels of air quality;

Write to the Commissioner - Sir Brian Briscoe - via the council and let him know what direction you think Reading should be heading.

Sir Brian famously stated his suitability for the job by making a statement about having driven past Reading once. Does that mean I am qualified to be president of France? Anyway he has been appointed so if we can’t be bothered to contact him they will ignore us.

Some ideas for comments for the on line version:
1. Traffic is very slow as the public transport system is inadequate and expensive
2. Traffic fumes fill the air, asthma gets worse, pollution increases
3. Congestion will get worse as bus prices increase and people cant afford to get the bus. Eventually fuel prices will be so high that traffic will decrease, but that may take some time.
4. Lower bus fares, so its cheaper by bus than a car. I suggest £1 for a single fare.
5. Build lots of cycle paths, which will also encourage walkers and make disables access easier.
See my suggestions at
6. Stop wasting money on building roads, invest in sustainable transport

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