Tuesday, 17 July 2007

South West Coast Walk part 2

day 8 Weds 27 Woolacomb to Croyde via Baggy Point 9 miles. Difficult to get a bus so did a circular walk. Parked in Croyde, walked along beach, then on marine drive and on dunes, then back on small roads. Cumulative 57 m

day 9 Thurs 28 Croyde to Saunton to Braunton burrows wetlands, past large white hotel and dangerous beaches. Stayed on a Campsite in a tent, chickens and rabbits for company. Dinner at the Aggie pub in Braunton. It rained overnight, my trousers got wet where they touched the side of the tent. Cumulative 63 m

day 10 Fri 29 Rented static caravan for 1 week for £200 in Hartland. Got the Bus to Braunton, saw small museum. Walked to Barnstaple, (see pic of solar office building) lunch with a quick internet check on emails, then on to Fremington, lovely Fremington quay with a green party flag (see pic) flying from a boat. Ate 5 (small) cakes today. The path was on old rail lines, so very flat. Cumulative 68 m

Sat 30 rained, nice and dry in the static caravan, worth every penny.

Sun 1 July wash and dry clothes. Was very windy. Shopped at local farmers market. Watched earth story on dvd.

day 11 Mon 2 parked westward ho!, bus to Fremington, got off too early added mile to the walk. Fremington to Westward Ho! Windy and rainy, lunch at the lovely quay (café top 50 in the Independent's list) during heavy rain. Finally saw the end of the inlet and the return of the coast path, hooray. Had chips at Westward Ho! Weather was cold and wet again. Cumulative 87 m

day 12 Tues 3 heavy rain early but sunny at the start. Parked at Bucks Cross, steep walk from car park to bus stop, it felt more than the 3/4 m signed. Bus to Bideford forgot to get off, nearly went to Barnstaple, driver let us off on a busy road, managed to scramble onto path by river to walk back to Bideford. Bus to westward ho! First part of walk easy as rail track, then muddy hilly but stayed dry. Cumulative 94 m

day 13 4th July Bus to Bucks Cross, walked to village of Bucks Mills, perched on the hill. Walked to lovely Clovelly, the walk started muddy, then turned in to a pleasant road. Very steep preserved village. Ate fish and chips. Tea. Bus back, shopping in Hartland. walked 5 miles. Cumulative 98 m

day 14 Thurs 5 Bideford, museum and some shopping in the rain.

day 15 Fri 6 july Clovelly to Hartland Point. Bus to Clovelly then avoided entry fee by taking a side path and found coast path walk. Very windy, warm when sheltered. Hilly and fairly hard going with muddy paths. Went to Stoke, saw their Church with a huge tower and traditional stone styles as a Cornish poem on a local TV item the night before mentioned. Walked to campsite. Cumulative 108 m

day 16 sat 7 sunny day for a change. Hartland point to Welcome Mouth. Parked at Hartland point did circular walk. Saw museum, mostly about local wrecks. Great views of waterfalls and Lundy Island seemed very close. Cumulative 113 m

day 17 sun 8 Welcombe Mouth to Morwenstow and back. Great views and very hilly. Crossed into Cornwall, we've walked across a county, left Devon. Cumulative 116 m

day 18 mon 9. Morwenstow to Bude. Late start as waited for a bus in Bude, 2 pm. Lovely walk after a rainy morning, one shower but got windy later. Great views and mostly gentle slopes. Lunch at Bude internet cafe, tea at sandy bay, dinner at Bude thai. Cumulative 124 m

dat 19 tues 10 Bude to Crackington Haven, easy at first and very hard going later. Windy and sunny again. Went to Tintagel hostel, nice people there.

day 20 weds 11Crackington Haven to Boscastle, not as arduous as usual, but some hard going. No rain, wind

day 21 thurs 12
Lundy cruise, rough crossing in the rain and mist. Several were sick, my tablets helped me. Lundy was misty, strange walk up to the plateau. Later it cleared and we got some lovely views of the rocks, birds, and a lighthouse. The trip back was so calm I fell asleep, got some photos of the views.

day 22 fri 13
drive back, hope to walk again then the busy season is over and its easy to get places in hostels again. Loved the walk, what a great way to travel, meet people, and see the country.

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