Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Beware Golf

This picture was taken on my recent walk in Devon, where the South West Coast path went through a golf course. It made me think about how bad some sports were for the environment. I had always thought motor racing would be the worst but I'd read recently that Skiing was the least green, as mountains are shaped and snow often artificially created to allow people to ski. I still think driving round repeatedly in circles is a good metaphor for the crazyness of modern life, going nowhere but getting there at ever faster speeds with the emphasis on style.
Theres a list of 'green' sports and stars at but much of it seems to be greenwash, corporates desperately trying to convince people that they are doing there bit while actually things get worse. Indycar racing claims that by using ethanol as a fuel they are green, but its often made from fossil fuels and also is taking up land that could be used to grow organic food.

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