Monday, 16 July 2007

South West Coast Path

The reason Ive not done much blogging recently is that Ive been away walking the South West Coast Path for a couple of weeks in June and July 2007. Since Ive come back there have been a few other things Ive wanted to post but at last Ive got some pics from my trip ready. It’s a great way to see the country, and very low carbon, but if it rains you sometimes get wet.

day 1 Weds 20 Minehead to Porlock. Lovely walk first day, took some pics at the start, Minehed Harbour. There was a statue of a map. Then walked uphill to Exmoor. Not too arduous so ideal for 1st day. 7.5m 4 hrs Stayed Minehead yha

day 2 Thurs 21 Porlock to Lynmouth 14 m 7.5 hr. Walked above Minehead weir, so didn't really see much of it. Very hilly so a long days walk, made worse by the weather. In the heavy rain my boots got wet so can't walk the next day. At Minehead YHA boots left my boots outside at night but they didn't dry. Cumulative 22 m

day 3 Fri 22 Lynton yha Lynmouth. Stayed in town to dry off, saw museums of town in flood 1953, a water powered railway (pictured) and also hydro electric power (no longer in use). A good day to recover.

day 4 Sat 23 Coombe Martin to Ilfracombe 6m 3 hrs. Saw RNLI display, than Ilfracombes local museum, strange old collection including wedding cakes from 1900s. Stayed at Lynton YHA. Cumulative 27 m

day 5 Sun 24 Lynton to Coombe Martin. Hardest day so far with many ups and downs. Had to use shortcut for last 2 miles to catch last bus, will come back another day to finish it. 12 miles 7 hours. Lynton YHA. Cumulative 39 m

day 6 Mon 25 Constant rain very windy, it was possibly the worst day forcast in 50 years. Flooding in the north and midlands. No walking. Found b&b Ilfracomb. Used internet for 1.5 hrs, did some blogging, saw the film 'Grow your own' about allotments and immigrants very good. How growing plants can reconnect us.

day 7 Tues 26th Ilfracombe to Woolacomb 4.5 hrs walking. Turned the corner at Bull Point then Morte Point. Saw a view of Lundy Island and of Hartland Point in the distance. Stayed Ilfracomb Cumulative 48 m

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