Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Special day

This afternoon it was 12.34 pm on the 5th of the 6th month of the 7th year, 12.34 5/6/7.
It will be some time before we get something similar, so I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Ive been watching the Labour leadership candidates on the politics show, they really can't call a spade a spade. More a gardening tool that will can be used for opening envelopes. They don't dare put a foot wrong and say something that will challenge people, and so end up struggling to say anything at all. Harriet Harman made a reference to how wrong it was for people to spend thousands on handbags, but wouldn't actually say that the rich should pay more tax. The TV program wanted to have some fun with her and handbags, but all she could do was say it was an important point about wealth and ended up seeming a boring killjoy. When most politicians don't get even a few seconds on TV it seems such a waste when they cant find anything interesting to say. It was interesting that she is related to Lord Longford, but when they turned to her all she could say was something boring about him being in the Labour Party.

I read that the photo of Gordon surrounded by communters ignoring him was a bit of spin, they were apparently Labour activists, eg Rohini Simbodyal Youth and Student Officer for the Enfield Young Labour Party who said "We got on the Tube and people were looking at Gordon Brown, "People were amazed, saying: 'It's Gordon.' But everyone was very British, they looked and then looked away. A few people came up and shook his hand and said 'Good luck.' "He was just like a
normal guy". Thanks www.iaindale.blogspot.com for this. There was a similar story last month when Blair went to sedgefield to make his farewell speech and was pictured next to a woman with a poster thanking Cheire, she also turned out to be a labour rep. Spin is dead, long live new spin.

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