Sunday, 3 June 2007

Would you credit it?

I've had a Credit Card for over 10 years that gives a small amount of money to the Anthony Nolan Trust every time I use it. Its a charity with a register of potential donors for bone marrow for those suffering from Leukemia. I read a great comment recently that charities like this should get money from the government, while collections should be made for weapons.

I recently got a letter from MBNA giving me their version of my Anthony Nolan card, which surprised me as there was a 5 months left on my previous card, which was from another Bank. I hadn't heard of MBNA before so looked them up on the internet, and found that they were an american company that gave a huge amount of money to George W Bush in his election campaign (1). I called Anthony Nolan (2) to ask what it was about, they said they didn't know that MBNA was a Bush supporter and would pass my message that I was going to cancel the card for that reason. I hope they take note and change their ways. I then called MBNA and told them I wanted to cancel, they seemed surprised but did let me cancel. They said Bush was coming to the end of his term, but that wasn't answering my point. I also found that the largest environmental organisation in the states, the Sierra club (3), also used MBNA.

I was also surprised that as a good customer of a credit card company I was finding my account being transferred to another company. I contacted my original credit card company, but didnt like the sound of the alternative charity cards they offered me, or the way they had stood by and while my contract was moved to another company.

I had a look for another card company on the internet and found a comic relief one from Nationwide, that gives a one off donation of £6.00 when you first use your card and 0.5% of the value of your purchases thereafter. See The Cooperative Bank also have several cards, unfortunately they are one of the most ethical banks but may give money to the Labour Party along with the rest of the cooperative movement. Its not easy being green.




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