Saturday, 9 June 2007

Reading Cycle Routes

Ive been looking in more detail at cycle routes in Reading that need improving, pedestrians and disabled acess will also benefit by this. The more people using cycle paths the less are in cars clogging up the roads, so car users will also benefit by this. You can see the problem areas Ive identified that need work by clicking on the links below, the first one is Oxford Road near West Reading Station.

The following two are by the Civic Centre

Civic Centre 2 Hosier Street

Broad Street

Cow Lane Bridge

Portman Road


Ali said...

It's great that you've made these films, Adrian.

I was particularly interested in your film of the pedestrians negotiating Cow Lane Bridge. I cycle under Cow Lane Bridges during rush hour most days and there are always plenty of pedestrians too. At least on a bike you can establish a confident position in the road and I find the majority of car drivers are very considerate for this stretch.

However, unless you see it for yourself, it is hard to imagine how precarious the situation is for pedestrians who have literally to peer round the bridge and hope nothing is coming through too fast.
Your film captures this situation so well.

Adrian Windisch said...

Thats very kind Ali. Ive been trying to get RBC to improve safety at the Cow lane bridge for years. They wouldn't do anything, as they want to widen the bridge to allow more and bigger vehicles to use it.

Ailbhe said...

When we moved to Reading in about 2001 we bought hi-vis waistcoats specifically for walking under Cow Lane bridges. In winter, we also carry a torch, even in the daytime. It's much easier since we started cycling since we already have lights and high-vis and can take up a defensive road position.

On the Oxford Road, those daft little strips of cycle route are designed to encourage dangerous overtaking, as far as I'm concerned. I always cycle well clear of the little green strip, out on the black, where I can claim my road space.