Monday, 23 April 2007

Caption Competition

Can you think of a caption to this photo?

I was thinking it had something to do with the lottery before I read Cllr Maskells leaflet, that its representing 'real improvements for residents parking.' One wonders why they did it so badly in the first place, that parking needs to be improved every year. Unless your very cynical and think that they did it badly for that very reason. Shame.

He also talks about working with the Police; I see they still haven't got the much discussed CCTV on Western Elms Ave. The warning signs on there own appear to be having an effect, moving prostitution on to other areas. Will they see this as a success? So much for 'tough on the causes of crime'. I think the prostitutes are more often victims of crime myself, they are in danger and need help to get out of that life.

Another of his 'achievements' is the prosecution of shops that sell alcohol to 'under age children'. I'm glad they are prosecuting these shops, but is this really down to a Cllr? He talks about getting more out of the ex-hospital redevelopment, but I still cant believe anyone in Battle prefers a Tesco and over 400 houses to having a hospital. Not to mention the damage the Tesco will do to local shops, and it will increase traffic.

I remember in previous elections when the candidate didn't live in the ward, what a fuss Labour made about it. They are very quiet on this subject this time. It doesn't bother me if the Cllr doesn't live in the ward, they should live near it though, or they wont see much of their ward and not know what’s happening.

There is speculation about a disaster for Labour at this election, some say they may loose between 5 and 9 Cllrs! If they do loose so many, will the council become more democratic I wonder, will there be a real opposition? Will they listen to the 1868 voters objecting to the one-way IDR for example?

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Tony Blair said...

Is this corruption, selling off parking permits? I though I was the one getting money for honours, I never thought of this trick.