Saturday, 28 April 2007

Does anyone smell a rat?

Life during an election can throw up some surprises. I nearly threw up when I saw this near Thornton Mews near the old Battle Hospital site while delivering my election leaflet. So much for the argument about ‘no rats in Reading’ a couple of months ago, when a Labour Cllr said any rats found must have been bought in a shop. A nearby cat had recently dispatched this one thankfully.

Other interesting events are when you push a leaflet through a letterbox and the sounds of a dog hurling themselves at the door make you jump and fear for your fingers. I'm not sure if anyone has ever lost fingers by posting something, I'm not sure I want to know.

Sometimes you find someone who's just had a leaflet chasing down the street after you, I always smile and say hello, and so far they have been people who want to know more about the Green Party. One day its bound to be someone who says ‘didn’t you read the warning sign about no leaflets wanted here?’. I will try and persuade them that it’s a newsletter, and it only comes out once a year, so most of their anger will be directed at advertising by junk food outlets so they should agree with the Green Party on not wasting paper. Maybe I will get them to join up.

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