Friday, 20 April 2007

Peas On Earth

This picture was just to good to resist. In Case you haven't noticed, its election time, so there is not much peace at the moment. I find it amusing the attempts of other parties to pretend to be the Green Party. 'Vote Blue Get Green' say the Tories. 'All our policies have a green thread running through them' say the Lib Dems. Labour make similar claims, but their soundbite isn't quite up to the others, 'tackling climate change', its almost as good as 'just say no', or the 'war on terror'.

They all have policies that highlight the issue, but unfortunately they all want to build roads and expand airports. This explains why despite many good Labour speeches on the environment, emissions have been going up in the last ten years by over 2%, not down as they promise. Surprisingly emissions went down under the last Tory administration, despite their lack of interest in the subject at the time. This had a lot to do with switching from Coal powered electricity generation to gas, which is cleaner, but still a fossil fuel.

There are simple measures that the other parties could take in areas whee they have power, but they dont seem to have the will. In Europe many dustbins are divided so all rubbish is separated into easy to recycle containers. Our recycling rate is one of the lowest in Europe. A plastic bag tax, as in Ireland, would reduce the number of plastic bags in rivers and polluting the environment. Also this would reduce the waste of fossil fuel. Force supermarkets to reduce packaging, and save on all that waste going to landfill.

Its not easy being green, but its also not that hard. Think of the consequences of an action, not just for the next few years, but for future generations. Sustainability is the key to it all, and remember reduce reuse recycle.

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