Monday, 2 March 2015

Why vote for me?

The Green Party are different to the other parties in many ways, so are in effect the only real alternative. We are for the common good, not just the 1%. 

For a start we are looking at the long term, we think future generations should be a consideration for all policy decisions. Not just thinking of the next election, which is too short timespan. 

We are the only ones against austerity, fracking, privatisation of schools, hospitals and leisure facilities. Wokingham council have recently privatised leisure facilities. 

And we are against nuclear weapons, they don't protect us but they do make us a target. 

We would renationalise the railways. Make every school a good school, under local authority control. Not competing for resources with other schools. 

We would encourage small local businesses not giant corporations that take over high streets and avoid paying their share of taxes. We would cut loopholes and pursue avoiders. 

A Green vote is a positive way of rejecting the other parties policies, a vote for future generations. 

I am a husband and father of two. My eldest is nearly 4 and youngest nearly 3, both in local nursery schools in Woodley.

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