Saturday, 28 February 2015

Teaching #TellNicky Changes Are Needed

I am shocked that teachers have to work 60 hour weeks, thats far more than the 48 maximum. I'm not surprised that many would consider leaving under these circumstances. 

I have had a look at the website 

The Twitter account @GreenEdPolicy said: Follow  @TeacherROAR and #tellNicky to find out about how teachers feel on the eve of returning to work. Reduction in workload is a MUST!

Speaking to TES, party leader Natalie Bennett said "the Greens would, among other things, abolish Ofsted and the national curriculum; raise the school starting age to 6; return academies and free schools to the control of local authorities; and scrap all national tests in primary schools." 

Regards Adrian Windisch 

Dear Mr Windisch,

I am a teacher from your constituency and I would like to highlight to you the problem of excessive teacher workload.

Workload is at an unsustainable level and the number of teachers leaving the profession is at a ten year high. The Government’s own figures show that the average primary teacher is working 60 hours a week. This is a 20 per cent increase since 2010. A recent NUT survey found that 90 per cent of teachers had considered giving up teaching during the last two years because of workload while 96 per cent said their workload had negative consequences for their family or personal life.  

44,000 teachers responded to the Government’s ‘Workload Challenge’ survey last autumn. The Government’s response was bitterly disappointing. It failed to get to grips with the main drivers of unnecessary workload or to reconsider the current high stakes system of accountability. It did not make me feel more trusted as a professional. I would advocate the Eight Steps put forward by the National Union of Teachers which are available at 

I would be very interested to know what you think about the NUT’s Eight Steps and what you think the government should do to tackle excessive teacher workload.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

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