Sunday, 29 March 2015

Further Education

I pledge to oppose cuts in further education. 
The Green Party believe in further education as a right for all. If elected I will campaign for reinvestment in FE. 

Tuition fees would be abolished and student grants introduced (to be replaced at a later date by citizen's income, a grant payable to all UK citizens to be used for training and education), thereby removing the needs for student loans. Higher education facilities would offer greater support for mature students and those with families. 

Regards Adrian Windisch

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Re: GE2015 - contact your PPC about FE funding cuts

Dear candidate,

On Thursday 26 February, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills announced an 11% reduction in further education spending for 2015/16, but the Skills Funding Agency has warned colleges that this will translate to a much more damaging cut of 17% overall, and a devastating 24% for non-apprenticeship provision, in 2015/16.

As a member of your local constituency, I am writing to highlight this and to ask you to support the opposition of various stakeholders to these cuts that are in danger of decimating further education as we know it today. Millions of people use colleges every year as a springboard to improving their education and skills, and cuts of this size will shut the door on those who need it most.

The adult skills budget has been cut by 35% since 2009 and over 1 million learners have already been lost. The University and College Union (UCU) estimates that these latest cuts would lead to a further 400,000 people losing out on learning opportunities.

If politicians are serious about further education, action is needed now. We are encouraging MPs to sign Early Day Motion 851: Funding for Further Education Colleges ( I would also like to draw you attention to a petition supported by various sector bodies as well as a briefing from UCU at:

I hope you will be prepared to pledge to oppose these cuts that will affect students in our local area and across the country and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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