Sunday, 29 March 2015

Animal Welfare Policies

I signed the Onekind pledge.

Also I against cruel sports, I pledged:
1. To defend and strengthen the Hunting Act
2. To ban the use of snares 
3. To conduct an independent inquiry into the commercial shooting industry 
4. To take tough action to deal with illegal dog fighting 
5. To strengthen protection for racing greyhounds

Also I support the Compassion in World Farming campaign against cruelty to farm animals. 

And backed the campaign by RSPB campaign for nature (vote for Bob), and the Woodland trust. 

I think the Green Party has the best animal welfare policies. 

Regards Adrian Windisch

 P.S. Please make sure that you register to vote (whoever you decide to vote for). A lot of people who think they are registered aren't. It takes 5 minutes and you can do it online here:

P.P.S. If you've been convinced by what I had to say please pledge to vote Green here (it doesn't cost you anything):

On 27 Mar 2015, at 08:17, "" <> wrote:

Mr Adrian Windisch 

Dear Mr Windisch,

As a supporter of OneKind who lives in the constituency in which you are standing, animal welfare issues are extremely important to me. I want to be sure that the person I vote for, like me, believes that there should be a clear agenda within the parliament to prioritise the welfare and protection of animals. 

If you think animal welfare matters, and would be a priority for you should you be elected then please sign OneKind’s animal welfare pledge. You can find this at:

I am sure you are receiving a great deal of correspondence at this time so I am grateful to you for taking the time to read my email and I hope you will read and sign the pledge.

Yours sincerely

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