Saturday, 20 December 2014

question on Full Recall

Question from Twitter @WokinghamVoice: Wokingham Election May 2015 candidates Q1. @JohnRedwood @CliveJonesPPC @AndyCroy @CunningtoP @AdrianWindisch How will you vote on #Recall 13/12/14 My answer @AdrianWindisch: @WokinghamVoice @johnredwood @CliveJonesPPC @AndyCroy @CunningtoP Green Party backs the power recall MPs for years Asked for confirmation @WokinghamVoice: @CunningtoP @johnredwood @CliveJonesPPC @AndyCroy @AdrianWindisch To confirm, #FullV1Recall20% or #RecallLight? @AdrianWindisch: @WokinghamVoice @CunningtoP @johnredwood @CliveJonesPPC @AndyCroy full recall. The light one is no use. Then asked for @WokinghamVoice: @AdrianWindisch @CunningtoP @johnredwood @CliveJonesPPC @AndyCroy And regardless of party line, will you push for it? What priority? My response @AdrianWindisch: @WokinghamVoice @CunningtoP @johnredwood @CliveJonesPPC @AndyCroy yes I support it fully and will vote for it #fullrecall On seeing a Twitter list of candidates for wokingham in he next General Election I made a list of followers Wokingham PPC follower count: @johnredwood 9,864 Con @AdrianWindisch 1,507 Green @CunningtoP 276 U @CliveJonesPPC 179 LD @AndyCroy 157 Lab

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