Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Block The Berkshire Bomb Builders

The AWE Burghfield summer disarmament camp was 
set up successfully over the weekend and is now open for business.

The camp is at The Mearings, beside the AWE Burghfield fenceline and 
close to the main gate. For the exact location, see map at 

The police may try to stop you going down The Mearings to reach the camp 
but there is a public footpath across the fields from Burghfield church.

To check the current situation call 08454 588362.

There's a nice Youtube video showing the camp being set up at:

BIG Blockade
of AWE Burghfield on
Monday 2nd September 2013
The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Burghfield is the place where Britain's nuclear warheads are assembled and from where the nuclear convoys take them up to Scotland to put on the Trident submarines. AWE Burghfield (like AWE Aldermaston) is now in the process of building facilities for a new generation of nuclear weapons. Trident already endangers us all, encourages proliferation and undermines international law. We don't want new nukes. We want disarmament now.
Please come and join in the blockade. You can sit, lie down, lockon or provide support for the blockaders. We need your committed nonviolent civil resistance. Please bring your friends and relatives and join the blockade that will start at 7am and continue for as long as possible. We can create the changes we need for a better world.

Trident ploughshares http://tridentploughshares.org/ 

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