Monday, 8 April 2013

The long awaited departure

Thatcher is dead, the media seem to be only praising her memory. Their job is to report the news.

To many she was a disaster, communities she didn't believe in we're devastated. Manufacturing industry has not recovered. She was a powerful leader who shook up the establishment, but lets not forget the problems she caused. Including today's economic depression, she started the deregulation of financial services that led to casino capitalism. The social housing stock sold off under her was never replaced so many thousands people are in ever increasing queues for a decent place to live.

Live blog of comments in her legacy here:


Unknown said...

Thatcher started the downward spiral by privatisation and we are paying the price,energy/water/industries everything that has been touched by greed and privatisation has been has been and is an ongoing disaster for the average tax payer,we hardly own anything and all privatisation has done is caused greed and selfish morons who cannot cream off enough to satisfy their relentless greed.We elect our MPs to represent our views {some are very good and do care but some are bent on Directorships and in my opinion all MPs should stop the latest madness of privatising our NHS and I'm certain that this madness will remove the Conservatives from government and allow people like GOLD FINGER BROWN ti ruin what little is left.UKIP are the people who care not some of the clapped out people we have now privatising what little is left,or do we now own anything?

Adrian Windisch said...

What are ukip policies on the privatisation of the NHS, post office, education. We Greens would renationalise some things like rail. And why not the banks we own anyway. Or utilities that are now owned by foreign companies.