Sunday, 7 April 2013


Using dead children to score political points. Whoever thought Osborne a strategist? The dailymail loves it but that's the road to failure. Moving to the right with ukip will see them loose the next election as they alienate moderate voters.

And such hypocrisy. Tories don't blame capitalism for the depression. But blame welfare for a murderer. Why not blame insurance for murder too?

Local shameful blog blindly following Osborne to ruin:

Even the faithful poodle Lib Dem supporters draw a line on this. MP Sarah Teather said :
"I am shocked and appalled that George Osborne has stooped so low as to make a crude political point out of the tragic deaths of six young children. It’s one thing for a tabloid newspaper to make unsophisticated, clumsy political arguments, quite another for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to join in.

It is deeply irresponsible for such a senior politician to seek to capitalise on public anger about this case, and in doing so demonise anybody who receives any kind of welfare support. Mr Philpott should be held fully accountable for his awful actions and it is reprehensible to seek to explain it away by blaming the welfare system which Osborne has been so happy to wage war on.

On Tuesday, when answering a question about living on £53 a week, Osborne said that it’s not sensible to reduce the debate to an argument about one individual’s set of circumstances. It makes you wonder what has changed in 48 hours."

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