Thursday, 18 April 2013

Maggie Saves

What was it Cameron thinks she saved us from? What was life like in the years before she won the 1979 election.

Unions went on strike, they do it less now but they still have the right to strike. They went on strike a lot then over pay, as inflation was high. She reduced inflation, partly through North Sea oil and also selling off many assets.

The UK used to be a strong manufacturer. Her policies saw the sale of the steel, shipbuilding, car, phone, rail and other industries. Some by her successors. Even some of our utilities our now owned by foreign companies. So much for her being a patriot, more of a pirate, stripping assets for the few.

We were more equal state, now the rich are far richer than the rest if us as she cut their tax. Hence her support by the very wealthy, who were also allowed to take all their money overseas for tax avoidance. It seems she also avoided tax as her house was owned by foreign corporations based in tax havens. If everyone did that the state would be much poorer so she hardly qualifies as a patriot.

She caused the Falklands war by poor diplomacy, them many had to die to get them back. Not really a great victory, all a bit shabby. But it got her elected. Her friends in the media like Murdoch loved it, so it was all spun as a great victory. The media barons also loved the union bashing so supported her. In the days before the internet thats how people formed opinions. All but the BBC which didn't back her, she was said to hate them.

She supported dictators. So much for being a freedom fighter. She fought freedom. She wouldn't talk to "terrorists" so prolonged the Ireland troubles and South Africa apartheid. She did talk to Gorbachov, but the end of the Soviet Union is largely thanks to him not her and her silly friend Reagan.

The irony is that the Tories hated her, they stabbed her in the back and she had to resign. The funeral was packed with her betrayers.

They gave her a peerage so her son the failed coup and arms dealer is now a peer. Says it all really, the system needs radical change.

Cameron loved the Golden Jubilee and the Olympics. Thatchers funeral was another opportunity for him to show off on the world stage. Shame we have to pay for his whims and give such honours to the lowest in the land.

Changed description of Mark Thatcher, crook wasn't really fair. Just tried to oust a countries leader, perhaps that's treason, not robbery.

I didnt mention coal, gas, cutting emissions, her recognition of climate change.


Anonymous said...

Mark Thatcher has a knighthood inherited from his father - not a peerage.

If you are going to rant then check your facts first.

Adrian Windisch said...

He is a baron. It's us an oddity presumably the wish of Maggie that Denis was given the title, so Mark got that from him. It's as unearned as if it was from her so That makes no difference. He is still a criminal with honours that should be removed.

Anonymous said...

He's a Baronet. It's not the same thing at all. He is not entitled to sit in the house of Lords which he would be if he was a Baron.