Thursday, 18 April 2013

Maggie Alleged Involved Coup Africa Venezuela

Simon Mann wrote about Maggies involvement in the failed African coup. On his release from prison in 2009 he saidl
: “Maggie asks me how ‘their’ money is being handled. I reassure her that it is going through an air ambulance joint venture, separate to any other investment. Maggie talks about the Docklands redevelopment in London. How everything had to be razed to the ground first.”

In a later conversation in South Africa, Thatcher is said to have commented: “I do hope you’ll be getting on with this job of yours soon, Simon. We mustn’t let anyone down, must we?”

Thatcher is also said to have asked whether Mann had yet met with a group, led by a man identified as Sanchos, who were seeking to remove Chavez as leader of Venezuela. “No — I hadn’t: but, Mark says, we are seeing him next day, in Eaton Place, just next door,” Mann wrote.

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