Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ten Years On Iraq Remembered.

What a tragic legacy. 4,487 American and 179 British troops were killed. A study in “The Lancet” said that at least 116,903 Iraqi non-combatants” had been killed.

Billions were wasted, the world more dangerous and politicians are trusted less than ever. What a legacy. And not a surprise that the Tories don't want it remembered, they supported Labours mistaken policy.

The shame is that the liars that got us into this disaster appear to have been rewarded. Blair is a millionaire who should be in prison, but he is not alone. Many made fortunes while others were dying.

Among the many things forgotten is the many Iraqi civilians were injured or became ill because of damage to the health-supporting infrastructure of the country. And our own injured troops, and their families.

Some quotes:
"The parliamentary failure to hold Blair to account at the time of the vote makes it all the more essential that we have a debate now. We must formally record how such a flimsy case for war was able to get through our parliamentary process. Unwavering Tory support for the vote was obviously critical. How convenient, then, that soon after William Hague writes to his Cabinet colleagues to tell them not to mention the war, David Cameron's government has failed to find time for a parliamentary debate, requested by myself and a cross-party group of MPs. Whatever position this government now takes on Iraq, it is crucial that the public does not see parliament ignoring the 10th anniversary of these lies and distortions. "
Caroline Lucas
MP for Brighton Pavilion

Political language, George Orwell observed, "is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind."

View from the USA:
"Ten years ago our "leaders" in the government, the corporate media, and the "national security" establishment assured us that invading Iraq was in our national interest. They promised us everything from "democracy" breaking out in the Middle East, to progress in ending the Israel-Palestine conflict, to the reduction of "terrorism" and having access to cheap oil. The American people, we were told, if they bore this burden would be rewarded in the long run with a safer world. Most of all they assured us that Iraq wouldn't become another Vietnam. An all-volunteer military force could meet the challenge, they promised, for relatively little cost in human lives and U.S. treasure."

"But the whole thing was a very Big Lie."

"And after throwing away so many lives and so much money we're now being told (by many of the same people who sold us the Iraq War) that we have no resources left to ensure that our children get a good education, or that our elderly can retire in dignity, or our poor people are given hope for a better future."

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