Friday, 22 March 2013

"Aspiration Nation" Budget

Osborne had been working hard at meaningless sound bites. Beer cheaper, help for house buyers, money off fuel so voters bribed. Was that the sound of the start of a General Election campaign?

Voters are not so stupid, while he gives away with one hand he takes away with the other. More cuts to services, the poorest hit while the wealthy laugh all the way to the bank.

Cameron once thought Gordon Brown was "awesome" as chancellor. Osborne has learnt from Brown to make political budgets, but without his skills at estimating how the economy will grow. Osbornes growth predictions have been wrong every time, he knows he is running out of time to make a difference.

No sign of a nation aspiring unfortunately, people are getting tiered of the spin and broken promises. But with Ed Balls in charge the Labour alternative is no better. The LD are equally to blame for the coalition incompetence so they offer no alternative.

Only the Greens are against cuts. Cut waste, nuclear power and weapons. Invest in the future, young people need jobs and education, not years on the dole. Borrow to reduce carbon emissions for all our futures, or future generations will suffer.

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