Sunday, 3 March 2013

Interesting views on Israel from a British Muslim

This may be controversial, hold on to your hats.

"The illuminating visit to Israel has transformed Hafeez's life. 'The idea of an apartheid state was dispelled within half an hour of arriving in Jerusalem' he says, '..I saw Arabs, Jews and Blacks going about their everyday business in malls, coffee shops and all over..calling Israel an apartheid state is nonsense and is actually offensive to those who suffered under apartheid in South Africa..I spoke to Israeli Arabs who loved being Israeli and were proud they had family in the IDF! We are constantly 'fed' that Israel is this anti-Muslim nation, yet many Israeli Muslims serve in the IDF and are part of every facet of Israeli society..Israeli Arabs are in fact the best educated, freest and most prosperous Arab population in the Middle East.. '
An example of how ridiculous some opinions can get


Adrian Windisch said...

Adrian Windisch said...
Another crazy article that states a planned Obama visit to the Temple Mount would be an "act of war"!