Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Eastleigh By Election

A bit late but I'm just looking at the Eastleigh by election results. I lived there some years ago while at Southampton Uni, in a road surrounded by railway lines. Looking on a map it was Campbell road.
The then tory MP was found dead with some orange in his mouth, hung himself in 1994, its been LD since.

The coalition vote dropped by a massive 14%. Unfortunately ukip seems to have been the recipient of a protest vote, despite their odd policies. Such as wanting to demolish wind farms and make us dependent on foreign energy, odd considering their name. They are rather to the right of the Tories, but not very different from them, hence Neil Hamilton being one of their main spokesmen.

The Green didnt stand, we don't have the big resources of the other parties. There were so many small parties they split any voters not wanting the big parties or ukip. It seems ukip have been very fortunate with recent by elections, favourable media over adoptions on the last one and in an area where they have done some local work this time.

Not a great night for Labour, but its not a strong area for them. They picked a author and comedian allowing the Tories to focus on comments he had made years ago, presumably as a joke. The mock outrage over falkland war comments was ridiculous, especially from Cameron.

Eastleigh 2013 by-election result
Candidate Party Votes % vote Change since 2010
Mike Thornton LD 13,342 32.06 -14.48
Diane James UKIP 11,571 27.8 24.2
Maria Hutchings C 10,559 25.37 -13.96
John O'Farrell Lab 4,088 9.82 0.22
Danny Stupple Ind 768 1.85 1.56
Dr Iain Maclennan NHA 392 0.94
Ray Hall Beer 235 0.56
Kevin Milburn Christian 163 0.39
Howling Laud Hope Loony 136 0.33
Jim Duggan Peace 128 0.31
David Bishop Elvis 72 0.17
Michael WaltersEng Dem 70 0.17 -0.3
Daz ProcterTUSC 62 0.15
Colin Bex Wessex Reg 30 0.07
TOTAL TURNOUT 41,616 52.68 -16.61

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