Monday, 18 March 2013

Bedroom "Tax" Protest

The vulnerable, the suffering, the poor, the disabled – that's who the coalition attack while giving tax breaks to the rich.

"These were not militants. They were in wheelchairs, they walked with sticks, some wore Army uniform.

Around 13,000 protesters at 52 locations the length and breadth of the country, two weeks before Coalition plans to claw back housing benefit for “spare rooms” come into force on April 1.

Around 660,000 people in social housing will be hit – on the same day as a tax break for the super-rich comes in.

The average person will have to find £14 a week or move out."

"It punishes the disabled, single parents, carers, the terminally ill, soldiers serving on the frontline and foster parents with more than one foster child. Most Tory supporters are not in favour of this bedroom tax and I have no doubt most are appalled. It is not about left and right, it is about right and wrong."

"Reading SOS is for everyone who is opposed to service cuts and wants to do something about it."


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D P Dance said...

Here we go again, it is not a tax, it is a redistribution of benefits, which will financially effect those living in accommodation which has more bedrooms than they are allowed.

As for "tax breaks for millionaires", was the imposition of the er high tax yeilding less than the cost of its administration?