Friday, 15 March 2013

Baby TV Gender Bias

How ingrained is sexism as a baby starts watching TV.

I was curious so made a list where lead character is male or female. Many have both but the list of male lead is far greater than the female.

Male; postman pat, bob the builder, old jacks boat, something special, mr blooms nursery, mister maker, get well soon, iconicles, octonaughts , tree fu Tom , giggle bitz, driver dan, koala brothers, baby jake, andys wild adventures, fireman Sam, big and small, grandpa in my pocket, ra ra the lion, rhyme rocket, Thomas the tank engine,

Female; everything's Rosie, peppa pig, I can cook, wooley and tig, nina and the neurons , 64 zoo lane , tilley and friends, Sarah and duck, little princess,

Equal; waybaloo, alpha blocks, numtums, Tikabilla, night garden, cloud babies, show me show me, abadas , lets play, zingzillas, chuggington, third and bird, abney and teal, tinga tinga tales, Charlie and Lola, telly tubbies

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