Sunday, 30 December 2012

Local MP Rob Wilson Murky Past Revealed

I wonder what the local conservative association will make of this.

@thesundaypeople: "The Tory MP, the business interest, and the topless dancers. #backtothe90s” thats my MP Rob Wilson

Tory MP Rob Wilson's firm sold topless Stringfellows lap-dancer photos to mobile phone users

A senior Tory MP’s business sold photographs of topless lap-dancers to mobile phone users.

A Sunday People investigation discovered the company offered snaps of Stringfellows beauties alongside its main sales of music, games and videos.

Father-of-four Rob Wilson, 47, boasts of being a family man and successful entrepreneur on his official website.

But his biography has no mention of Pocket Group Ltd, the mobile content firm behind his success.

Each time a photo of a topless Stringfellows girl was downloaded, Pocket Group collected a fee and paid a small royalty to the club, which legally owned the pictures. A Stringfellows source told us: “Pocket Group offered a deal for some of our photos. It was all artistic, topless stuff – nothing hard-core.”

In 2008 Pocket Group – which Mr Wilson founded nine years earlier with a friend – was sold to a rival firm in a deal enabling shareholders to make “up to £4.5million”.

Records show the Reading East MP held an 8.27 per cent stake, making his cut worth up to £372,150.

The Parliamentary Private Secretary to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt launched recent attacks over child sex scandals.

They include blasts at the BBC on Jimmy Savile, ITV after David Cameron was given a list of suspected paedophiles on screen and Labour MP Tom Watson for “sensationalist public claims” on child abuse.

The Tory MP’s lawyers Carter-Ruck said the Stringfellows deal gave Pocket Group about £1,000 per year in just under two years.

The law firm added: “This represented an extremely small aspect of its business, which focused predominantly on music and video content distribution.

“Pocket Group’s policy was to adopt standards that reflected those of the national daily papers.”

They said there was no reference to the firm on his website as its focus was parliamentary business.

Tom Watson said: “Mr Wilson should think about his conduct before playing the UK moral guardian.”


howard thomas said...

Much as we would all like to bash Rob Wilson, lets just have a little think about what this all says. For a small fee you could download a photo of a topless girl, presumably similar to a Sun page 3 photo. Is that it? To be quite honest the attemped connection between this non story and Saville et al is wide of the mark. There is nothing illegal about topless photos (of consenting adults).... full stop.

Adrian Windisch said...

As is often the case its more his coverup thats the storey. As you say the pics were much the same as in national newspapers so not a big deal.