Monday, 31 December 2012

Curtains For Compassionate Conservatism

I wrote about this before but I have more to say.

Osbornes speeches equating keeping curtains or blinds closed of a morning has consequences.

He thinks he is getting "strivers" on board but many in work need the support of benefits as they are so poorly paid. Not to mention that some of those in 9 to 5 jobs have it relatively easy, its those in temp work that have to strive to keep in employment. In the current economy there are millions who simply cant get a job, calling them all skivers hands millions of votes away to the opposition. Interesting tactics.

According to the guardian his speeches have meant compassionate conservatism is officially dead.

But other sites have other ideas. Osboures family firm funnily enough sells curtains

Perhaps by talking about curtains he is hoping to sell some.

Meanwhile his family buisness is in trouble, loosing money so not paying corporation tax. While direcors make a million. Thats convenient for them, keeping the money while avoiding tax.

What was that Osborne said about avoiding tax being morally repugnant?

Meanwhile in the cold weather many people are keeping fuel bills down with curtains closed. Osborne just wasnt thinking.

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