Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Incendiary Film

Is this a case of seeking fame or someone trying to make a point that went horribly wrong.

An Egyptian Christian made a ridiculous film about the Islamic prophet Mohammad. The actors were hired under false pretenses and their voices dubbed in an amateurish way. Clips of the film can be seen on YouTube. It seems people are claiming the film was made or funded by zionists, perhaps to deliberately inflame relations with Israel.

The only sequence that made sense to me was what seemed to represent a Coptic Christian woman being pushed over by an angry mob. Perhaps it was thoughts of the harsh treatment of Christians in Egypt that prompted the film.

It has predictably caused riots in some countries, a few embassies have been attacked and unfortunately people have died. No country can ignore having it's ambassador killed or embassies attacked, at least Obama is not as quick on the trigger as Bush or we would be seeing war now.

USA Federal officials have "confirmed that the man calling himself Bacile is, in fact, a man with a criminal record and history of using aliases. Nakoula was convicted of bank fraud in 2010 and served one year in federal prison at Lompoc, California, before being released on supervised probation for five years. According to court records, Nakoula used at least 17 false names. Over the weekend, Nakoula was questioned."

The usual debate about freedom of expression or inciting a riot is going on in forums. I prefer to see fewer people die over a film, but don't want to stifle legitimate filmmakers. There must be a way to make films even about Mohammed without causing such offense.

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