Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tesco Town Reading

What a disaster for Reading, yet another Tesco despite planning comittee voting against it. Tesco have the money to keep appeal until the council gives up, but this time it seems a government man did the job for them.

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A few years ago (the previous general election) when they wanted to build a huge Tesco on the Oxford Rd, despite another one of similar size 2 miles away, we were the only ones opposing this disasterous development All the other parties either though it was a good idea, or though Tesco was simply too big to oppose. At Council meetings there was not a single voice from the Tory, Lab or LD against them. Most Cllrs thought it would even bring more shoppers to the area. How wrong they were.

I predicted that small shops would close and traffic would get worse. And unfortunately I was correct.

Since then many more Tescos have opened, though now all politicians speak of protest, they seem incapable of stopping the leviathan. They should
try harder. There are ways. Give the monopolies comission some teeth. Make the planners respond to what people want, not just who has the most money.

For some previous campaigns:

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howard thomas said...

“On balance, I do not consider that these matters outweigh the benefits that would arise from the proposal and, while I note residents’ concerns regarding the provision of another Tesco store in Reading, this is not a matter on which this appeal can turn.”

If what someone applies for falls within the guidelines then it is likely to win on appeal, regardless of who the applicant is. Councils are aware of this and I have witnessed various proposals being passed simply because they will only win on appeal which will then cost the council more money when they are not going to win the case.
I'm prefectly well aware that Tesco are a rich and ruthless concern, but that isn't grounds for turning down an application.
No doubt you remember the tree felling saga at the Oxford Rd site and the pitance that Tesco were fined. That was absurd, the fine should have been 100 times what it was. Tesco certainly got away with that one.
"Make the planners respond to what people want"...........Have you ever considered that many people might want Tesco stores, after all lots of people shop in them!
Monopolies comission.............Are you aware of all tye rival stores in this town? However I must admit to having a little giggle when I saw that the Co-op had opened in the old Star pub in Caversham. Tesco missed that one!