Thursday, 9 August 2012

Google Tax Dodge

Guest Post 38 degrees

"It’s just been revealed that Google has paid only £6 million in UK tax on profits of nearly £395 million. Google seems to have managed to pull off this huge tax dodge by using tricks like sheltering its profits in tax havens, such as Bermuda.

Google has long prided itself on its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. But there’s nothing responsible about dodging tax at a time when the country is facing deep cuts.

Google’s boss has said in the past: "We could pay more tax but we would have to do so voluntarily". Google will only make this choice if they feel enough pressure from us - their users and customers - and understand the risk to their reputation from continuing to dodge tax. Showing them how we feel with huge petition is the first step.

Can you sign the petition demanding that Google pay their fair share of tax?

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howard thomas said...

Quite right Adrian!!
I've just been there and signed that.
Shame on the greedy Google