Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Third Place

In London the Green Party came third, what an impressive result. In Reading we also came third, which is astounding. Winning our third Cllr in Park Ward; well done Jamie. Not quite that good in Wokingham but we stood more candidates than Labour, and Marjory had a good result in Shinfield South coming second. Particularly considering the spending from the bigger parties. I say this as someone who had loads of glossy expensive leaflets from the big parties, one a week from the Tories and LD. The Greens get almost all their money from members. It will be a while before party funding for this election is published, but I had a look at the figures from the 2010 General Election from the Electoral Comission website. Tory had 53% of the money, Labour 25%, LD 15%, Ukip 2%, Green Party were on 1%. So we were on a budget 1:15th of the LD. Lets see how seruously the media treat the Greens now.


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