Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Queens Speech

Watching the Queens speech this morning does make me question how much of a meritocracy we have in this country.  And is  austerity only for the poor, the rich get richer and the aristocrats keep their priveleges 

How many castles, crowns and carriages can one person use. Time to sell them off I say. Nothing personal against the Queen but why does she get a job for life.

For example if we had an austerity Queens speech the gallery could be full of tourists raising money for the country. The Royals should pay proper tax as well, no more free rides.

After WW2 we had an austerity olympics, if the coalition were serious this one could be too. But under Camrron the bills for what he wants go up. 

Instead we get a top down rworganisation of the NHS that no one voted for that will coat a fortune. Broken promises on everything including green issues 

Time for a change 

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