Saturday, 3 March 2012

We are not all Hippies

A newspaper article examines the life in Hockerton Housing project against the back drop of Jennifer Aniston’s new film Wanderlust.

Bill and Louise from Hockerton give a charmingly honest account of life in a community and dispel a few myths!

Hockerton housing project (HHP) emerged from the desire of a small group of people to develop a lifestyle more in touch with the natural environment and its cycles.

We wanted to build homes that would use the power of the sun directly as the main source of energy to heat our homes.

During the 1990's HHP developed plans together with local 'green' architects Brenda and Robert Vale to build five earth sheltered houses on a 25 acre site in the North Nottinghamshire countryside.

After several years of negotiating with the local council, providing detailed plans for managing the land surrounding the houses we were successful in gaining planning permission.

The self build project allowed members to contribute to the building of their own homes according to skills and availability. Following two years of building work we moved in during 1998 and began to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

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