Sunday, 26 February 2012

Big Six Energy

I just joined the campaign to end the big six energy fix.

I'm really concerned about the behaviour of domestic energy suppliers and believe it is time to fight for affordable energy.

In recent months energy companies have once again been exposed for over-charging customers and making excessive profits when incomes are being squeezed. In the first half of 2011, the Big Six made a staggering £3.5bn profit. All this while 5.5m Britons live in fuel poverty.

The government can solve the problem, but they need to hear the voices of people like you and me so they really take notice.

Can you take a couple of minutes to join the campaign? Find our more at


neil craig said...

The dishonesty of a "Green", who has been pushing for years for the most expensive possible energy costs so as to destroy the copuntry claiming ro be a usupporter of "£affordable"£ electricity is wnturely to be expected.

Anybody who didn't expect it would surely expect some member of the Green movement to be, at least in some way, honerst, which would be extremely niave.

Do you have an explanation for this or are you merely going to revert to censorship?

Adrian Windisch said...

Always a pleasure to hear from you Neil

Wind from on shore will be the cheapest renewable electric source. I guess you are not concerned with power being sustainable or the danage done to future generations. Perhaps you would like to explain yourself


Preferring renewable energy from solar, wind and wave facilities is pure logic based upon the lack of damage to the environment caused and the fact that the world’s resources such as oil and gas are not infinite.

At this moment in time the technology is relatively young, not cheap and the planets oil producers are selling at rates below the unit cost of renewable thus making the perceived value less attractive.

Oil producers clearly understand better than most that oil prices exceeding renewable costs would speed up the move to wind and solar and as such they will always ensure that they produce as little and charge as much as the ‘competition’ will permit.

This however does not preclude Adrian from opposing profiteering (generally French) power companies from charging high prices.

neil craig said...

I have explai8ned previously and you first published obscenities rather than debate against me and then, when even that didn't work, resorted to censorship.

You know perfectly well that the best interests of future generations lie is sopping the ecofascists.

If you can name a single "environmental" site which allows free debate rather than obscenities and censorship I will be happy to repeat the facts you already know.

Adrian Windisch said...

Can you explain any of this Neil. I have no idea who or what you think an ecofacist is. Or where i have published anything obscene.

I have only rarely censored anything, and thats either swearing or where the comments merely repeat themselves endlesly.