Sunday, 5 February 2012

Will We Miss Huhne

The LidDems are claiming that the loss of Huhme as Climate Change Minister will make no difference to them. But oddly they claim that green groups lament the loss of Huhne.

This government has so far failed to live up to most of its promises. On the day 100 tories are rebeling over wind farms I was curious about the claims so looked up some quotes to see if it was justified.

Greenpeace head John Sauven said "He has been a vocal advocate for the green agenda in a government whose green credentials are looking more than a little tarnished." So Greenpeace say he spoke well but was not effective.

David Hunt, co-founder of renewable technology firm Eco Environments, tweeted: ‘A court case too far for Chris Huhne as I said. Maybe he’ll now have time to contemplate the jobs & businesses he killed.’ Thats pretty bad.

Friends of the Earth’s executive director Andy Atkins said: ‘Chris Huhne has championed the environment in an administration that’s shown little enthusiasm for keeping David Cameron’s pledge to be the greenest government ever. ‘He should be commended for insisting on tougher climate targets and fighting for a Green Investment Bank - but his department’s incompetent handling of solar cuts has put 29,000 jobs at risk. ‘Leaving consumers to compare energy tariffs as a way to tackle soaring bills is woefully inadequate. What we really need is decisive government action to get us off the hook of expensive fossil fuels and invest in clean British energy instead. ‘The new energy secretary must stand firm against [chancellor] George Osborne’s anti-green agenda and make the case that protecting our environment is a way to boost not hinder our economic recovery.’

David Cameron promised this would be the 'greenest government ever'. But on his watch the Green Investment Bank has been delayed, thousands of jobs and businesses in the solar industry have been put at risk and the UK has fallen from third in the world for investment in green growth. #epicfail

George Osborne's speech to the Tory party conference in October, when he said the UK should cut its emissions "no slower but no faster" than other European nations. #epicfail

Rather than the greenest government ever we have seen them step back even from Labours poor effort. They will be judged on emissions going down as well as unemployment. And both emissions and unemployment seem to be increasing. Some serious green investment is needed. Only real greens promise this.

PS Local LD Gareth Epps doesnt think Ed Davey is fit to be a cabinet minister!

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