Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Don’t let 101 MPs increase the cost of your energy

This weekend 101 MPs called on David Cameron to increase the cost of your energy bills by slashing investment in cheap, onshore wind power.

They claim that onshore wind should be left to wither, leaving offshore wind and emerging renewable sources to provide all our vital low carbon energy.

This is not a call to support new renewable technologies, this is an attempt to pull the rug out from under the cheapest form of low-carbon energy, along with the jobs it creates and tearing up the real local benefits provided to communities across the country.

We support the expansion of the UKs offshore wind, but relying on it exclusively would push up the cost of going green. Green energy investment currently costs the average bill payer an average of 19p a week. But a small core of MPs would rather we keep burning expensive polluting fossil fuels than build new wind farms.

We need you to email your MP to tell them your views - click here to see the Action for Renewables campaign page and email your MP.

It only takes a few seconds, but without your support clean, green energy could be set back years.

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Interesting article on inflated claims on costs of green energy



I'm either not reading this correctly or I do not understand the subject sufficiently.

I support renewables but was under the impression that wind power increases fuel bills?

Adrian Windisch said...

Read link and learn something.

On shore wind energy is one of the cheapest renewables, these MPs want more expensive off shore.


Is 'cheapest renewables' the same as cheaper (or comparable to) gas, oil or coal?

I've read the link - whether I've learned something I'm not sure.